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Seribu Tujuan Presents:
We’re going down the less travelled road, diving head first into the different facets of relationships.

We’re asking the difficult questions and seeking the answers, laying them all on the table; the laughter, the tears, and the vulnerabilities. For it is through the honest, raw and open conversations that we would be able to open our hearts, allowing the love in #denganhati.
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We first learn about relationships from our families. They provide us with the building blocks that we’d need in life to build meaningful connections throughout our lives.

We felt that a conversation about relationships should start with those that are the closest to us, for good things don’t appear out of thin air- they need to be nurtured, and we need to explore the ways to grow, to better our relationships with our families.


Friends, otherwise known as the extension of our families. They are the ones that you spend most of your time with, the ones that you share the stuff that you can not share with your families. They can be your greatest confidant and a shoulder to lean on. Granted, they are not easy to find, and friendships aren’t all fun and games. Here we encourage you to nurture your friendship by asking your friends questions that you don’t normally ask — but ones that we felt as important to help deepen your relationship with your friends.


Romantic relationships — aren’t they confusing? The roller coaster ride of emotion that is takes you through, the confusing times of figuring out whether or not they like you, the bliss of the first couple of months of being together, the hurt when you realized that it might not be working out, and the heartache that you have to go through during a breakup. This month we explored all the different phases of a romantic relationship, alongside with identifying the differences between a toxic and a healthy relationship.
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