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Sylvia Astuti

Product Researcher
Best Mental Health Advice
Nobody can ever do a better job at being you than you. You are, now and forevermore, of a calibre that no one can reach — period. So, NEVER let anybody come into your life and brainwash you into believing that you ever have to water yourself down to seem more palatable. NEVER stoop so low as to settle for heaven in the arms of people who continue to make your life a living hell. The faster you realize that, the faster you will be able to live a life that is congruent with your authentically unique self — or, the best life you have always imagined for yourself.
About Me

Hi, I’m Sylvia! I would describe myself as a social–minded, creative pragmatist with somewhat paradoxical personality traits. I am both a bold risk–taker, and a recovering perfectionist. I am deeply passionate about creating positive social impact, yet often inclined towards introversion and being unnecessarily critical about many different aspects of myself. Nevertheless, my proactive involvement in Seribu Tujuan's BusDev activities not only aligns with my lifelong ambition to become a changemaker, but it is also the perfect outlet for my self–expression and skill set.

Fun Fact
My parents named me ❛Sylvia❜ after randomly selecting it from the yellow pages (yes, the old–school telephone directory!), and after the 1970s song titled ❝Sylvia's Mother.❞