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Everyone has access to quality sexual and reproductive health care.


Increase accessibility to information regarding SRH in Indonesia.

About Reprodukasi

Reprodukasi by Seribu Tujuan is a sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information hub for Indonesia. We aim to design and deliver quality SRH education based on the International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education (ITGSE). Reprodukasi will discuss the biological, psychological and social aspects of SRH.

Staying true to our Seribu Tujuan’s roots, Reprodukasi is collaborated by a multidisciplinary team that aims to empower Indonesians to lead healthy lives. We believe that inorder to solve a problem, we require to utilise our different expertise and perspective, merging a culturally adjusted SRH education that is made by the youth for the youth.

Our Story

The idea of Reprodukasi was first developed in 2016. We took a few years to research and understand the sexual and reproductive health landscape of Indonesia before starting our pilot project in 2018. To accelerate the process, Seribu Tujuan gracefully adopted Reprodukasi.

Seribu Tujuan is a mental health solution for Indonesia. The team decided to launch Reprodukasi as part of Seribu Tujuan’s ‘Berdialog dengan Hati’ campaign that spans throughout July - September 2020. Although Seribu Tujuan’s focus is bettering mental health, due to the lack of access to quality SRH education, the team felt it was a moral obligation to create an SRH platform when discussing topics such as puberty and sex.

Seribu Tujuan is always looking for ways to better less focused aspects of healthcare such as SRH and is proud to have developed a SRH education platform for Indonesia that is created by the youth, for the youth.

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Our Team

Jennifer Budimulia
Managing Director
Bayu Sasono
Design & Development
Luky Ayudya
Event Coordinator
Indigo Keyla
Podcast Host
Raisya Sholihat
Content Writer
Sekar Wibowo
Event Coordinator
Diandra Priambodo
Content Writer
Nathasya Winardi
Content Writer
Khoriah Indrihutami
Content Writer

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