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We have a lot planned for the future of Seribu Tujuan and Mental Health in Indonesia — we appreciate all of your support in any form!

If you would like to financially support us, you can donate to Seribu Tujuan. Donation of any amount is welcome.

Your donation will help Seribu Tujuan:

  • Maintain operating cost for our Mental Health education platform, to keep it accessible for everyone!
  • Create new, exciting Mental Health-related content to further normalise the matter in Indonesia
  • Venture faster into providing quality support services such as support groups, counselling
  • Further expand our efforts in developing our solutions for Mental Health in Indonesia

How to Donate

PayPal - International
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Certification & Leaving a note

Thank you very much for your contribution! Certificates of Donation are available on request by messaging us your donation receipt/screenshot to our email

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