About Us

The mental health solution for Indonesia

Vision & Mission


To live in a world where physical and mental health are viewed equally


To be the mental health solution for Indonesia

Our Story

Seribu Tujuan is the mental health solution for Indonesia.

We started as a group of youths who were disheartened by how mental health is stigmatised, poorly treated and neglected in Indonesia. The scale of the issue became more apparent when compared to foreign countries such as Australia. With Indonesia being one of the largest archipelago in the world, this creates a uniquely challenging problem to tackle.

Determined to make a difference, we observed and studied the mental health landscape and infrastructure in Indonesia to identify gaps within the system. Through it, we learnt that in order to improve mental health in Indonesia, we have to take a multidisciplinary approach. We are committed to developing accessible, inclusive and innovative mental health care. We strive to implement culturally adjusted mental health interventions in Indonesia based on international standards. 

Our multinational team originates from various different backgrounds but united by our passion for developing mental health solutions for Indonesia. We utilise our different perspectives and expertise as we collaborate to improve mental health in Indonesia.

The journey in bettering mental health in Indonesia is just beginning. We’re excited to reach, educate and support even more Indonesians!

Join us on our journey as we build a solution by the youth, for the youth.

The brand, symbol, and name

The paper crane is a renowned symbol across the world, primarily in Asia. It is often used to represent happiness, recovery, longevity, and hope. In Japan, the ancient legend of one thousand paper cranes represents hope.

The word "Tujuan" means aim, purpose, direction, or ways - where and what one wants to be in life.

"Seribu Tujuan" - one thousand aims, one thousand purposes - represents the different paths that everyone takes in life. No matter what your circumstances are or what you want to achieve, we believe that there is hope - that you deserve support to keep that hope alight.

Our Team


Ratih Arruum Listiyandini

Advisor - Clinical Psychologist

Sakti Makki

Advisor - Strategic Transformation Consultant

Jennifer Budimulia


Bayu Sasono


Indigo Keyla

Marketing Analyst & Brandkeeper

Mirasstity Akacia Putri

Head of Research

Selvie Setiawan

Head of Events

Isabella Reharta

Content Manager & Email Manager

Alisha Zahra Saadiya

Content Writer

Emma Turner

Content Writer

Farah Karim

Content Writer

Helen Tran

Content Writer

Shania Rajan

Content Writer

Syenni Budiman

Content Writer

Annisa Salsabila

Content Writer - Atrium

Sendy Alfandy Budiman

Event Coordinator

Kristiana Natasha

Event Coordinator / External Relations

Shantiq Rivai

External Relations

Qiara Annabel Arief

General Secretary & External Relations

Ahimsa Xavier Hindarto

Graphic Designer

Muhammad Deryll Reminton

Graphic Designer

Arisya Ghina Ramadhani

IG Live Coordinator

Iqbal Bimantoko


Nezzia Herton


Alma Palomita

Social Media - TikTok Creator

Alya Salsabila

Social Media - Twitter Content

Livia Ardelia

Social Media Content Writer

Jason Madong

Video Editor/Producer

Razene Veridian Ardell

Video Editor/Producer

Fransedo Ravelino

Web Development