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Balance your brand with the Seribu Tujuan brand

  • Avoid representing the Seribu Tujuan brand in a way that makes the Seribu Tujuan brand the most distinctive or prominent feature.
  • When using the Seribu Tujuan brand for collaborations such as partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement, please make sure the relevant marketing material is approved by a Seribu Tujuan representative.

Keep consistency in the name Seribu Tujuan

  • Keep the letter "S" and "T" in Seribu Tujuan capitalised when referring to Seribu Tujuan.
  • Do not modify, abbreviate, or translate Seribu Tujuan to a different language or through the usage of non-Indonesian/non-English characters.


Seribu Tujuan - Brand Assets

Collection includes usable variations of the Seribu Tujuan logo. Exported in PNG (raster) and SVG (vector) format.

Logo Usage Guide

  • Use the Deep Blue variant when used against light backgrounds
  • Use the Teal variant when used against dark backgrounds
  • Do not apply special effects to the brand logo
  • If contrast or visibility is difficult to achieve, add a tint or shade layer below the logo

Example Usage

Colour Palette


rgb(76, 198, 203)


rgb(255, 174, 52)


rgb(26, 26, 26)

Light Gray

rgb(238, 238, 238)

Request Usage

For public and media usage of the Seribu Tujuan brand, please submit a request via our email:

or through a Seribu Tujuan representative you may already be in contact with.