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Mindfulness & Religion - A Journey to Heal The Soul

Mindfulness, or the Quality of being present — the ability to be able to be fully present and focus on the present time and situation (reality). Mindfulness is the ability to fully understand situations, the state of mind, and the reality of feeling, with no fear of the future nor the past. This ability frees someone from distractions and all forms of prejudice and judgment, and removes the reactiveness towards certain situations, thus bringing calmness to them (Headspace, 2019).

Indeed, everyone has mindfulness, but each person has a different capacity. Everyone could be either fully aware or completely oblivious of it, depending on their ability to identify their feelings. For example, when a person is practicing their religion, praying to God in such a focused, calm, and peaceful demeanour - at that time, that person reaches mindfulness without realizing it.

Mindfulness is very closely related to religion. Every religion teaches us to be mindful - to become a person with peace in mind and body; someone with patience in any situation, as well as someone with an open mind and heart. Every religion teaches us to utilate and appreciate every second of time, every person in our lives, and all forms of gifts - good or bad, with gratitude. Every religion teaches and promises us blessings which God will give if we can give thanks for whatever is given to us. There is no need to regret because God's gift is real. The practice of religion can increase mindfulness in someone.

"The art of mindfulness and religion are indeed inseparable. The art of mindfulness is rooted from religion and is one aspect of religious teachings."

The art of mindfulness and religion are indeed inseparable. The art of mindfulness is rooted from religion (Selva, 2017) and is one aspect of religious teachings. However, mindfulness evolves more than religion itself. Mindfulness is not always related to religion. Mindfulness is able to stand alone without religion. Mindfulness even has many relations to various fields other than religion, such as science, health, and psychology. It is evident that mindfulness is an ability that can be continuously developed, taught and mastered by anyone, such that the practice of creating and increasing mindfulness in oneself can be done without practicing religious activities nor attachment to religion itself.

Similar to the many religions and beliefs commonly practiced, mindfulness also brings many positive values ​​in life and is believed that it can help with various mental problems and heartaches. This is because mindfulness is just as fundamental as human beliefs in the spiritual. Mindfulness is a part of human experience and learning. Mindfulness is not a religion, nor is it spiritual. However, its basic existence is very closely related to religion and spiritual matters, so much that mindfulness is associated with these two things. Moreover, mindfulness is a part of religious teachings. Although different, mindfulness can be used in spiritual practices, and can be co-developed with the spiritual process itself, and vice versa (Beach, 2017). However, all development processes to achieve the values of mindfulness can be done separately because the true character of mindfulness stands alone as a fundamental aspect of a human being. In short, mindfulness is not a religious activity, because mindfulness in itself is not a religion.

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