Let's talk about the Psychology Major in Indonesia!

Hello… we’ve got some good news in store for all of you who are curious about the psychology major, particularly in Indonesia. Here, we are going to discuss the psychology major in Indonesian universities. So, pay close attention!

Q: Can you tell us what studying psychology at uni is like??

A: Studying psych at uni is practically the same as doing other majors. It starts from bachelors, masters, up to a doctorate level. 

Q: Huh, so what’s the difference, then? Would you be able to read people’s minds once you finish your bachelors in psych??

A: Wait a minute… who said psych graduates can read minds?! Okay, psychology is the knowledge of learning human behavior..  not reading people’s minds!!! So in the newest curriculum, the undergraduate psychology degree is still limited to general, nonclinical knowledge. So, there’s no specialization yet and they can’t work as a professional psychologist yet...

Q: Does that mean… being a psych graduate doesn’t make you a psychologist yet? Then how do you become a psychologist?

A: So, to become a psychologist, after finishing your psych undergrad degree you have to continue with your masters - a masters in professional psychology.

Q: Wait… there are other masters programs besides professional psych?

A: Yeah… they’re especially made for people who want to become psychologists and get a legal license to become practitioners, they have to continue with specializations in the postgraduate professional program, and only people with a bachelors in psych can take the postgraduate program. There are other programs besides postgraduate professional psych, like science and applied psychology. 

The postgraduate science and applied psych programs can be taken by both psych and non-psych graduates. Normally, there’d be a matriculation first at the start of the semester so everyone can start off with the same amount of knowledge.

Q: Oooh that’s how it works. I thought any psych graduate would become a psychologist. Apparently not. If that’s the case, what are psych graduates that aren’t psychologists called?

A: Oh good question.. We usually call them psychology scientists. So, they only contribute to the advances of psych knowledge.  

Q: Hmm that’s fair.. Oh right, speaking of which does that mean that every psychologist needs to be registered first?

A: yup that’s right! Now, HIMPSI, or Himpunan Psikologi Indonesia (EN: Indonesian Psychological Association) is the one authorized to give the licenses. Btw we can even check the organization’s members and their practitioner permits. 

Q: oh really??? How do you do that?

A: Just go to anggota.himpsi.or.id/ and type in the name of the psychologist/psychology expert whom we wanna check their membership and practitioner licenses.

Q: ohhh I see that sounds easy then... Okay then! Thanks so much for the info! It’s very useful for a non-expert like me!

A: okay… no problem. Hope this helps!